Welcome to Pro%Cent

We are a commercial project management and accounting software system

Procent is the BEST tool for maintaining control of profit percentages

We have a full service software to manage your jobs right through collecting your profits.


From the first entry of your Estimate to winning the Contract, you are in control of making the highest Profit and providing the Professional edge that you want to achieve. With the communication tools for both your clients and team members, you never miss those important changes and connections. Every process is seamless and central within each bid and job. Proposals, Purchasing, Installation Tickets and Change Orders along with letters to submittals are provided and easy to navigate.



With our full Accounting System you are able to provide Schedule of Value Progress Billings and have multiple reports to monitor profits and collections. Our Work In Progress reports keep you in control of all aspects of managing costs and a full Job Master Overview module lets no detail go unrecorded. With seamless importing of purchasing and labor costs, errors and cost overruns are controlled.

Material Management

With a global Materials Control center the creation of bids and change orders are made faster and consistent. Defaults can be entered for Manufacturers, Styles, Colors, Scopes, Sundries and Labor Costs. This information flows into Estimates, Purchase Orders, Receiving and Labor Tickets. Reports are formatted to give the information needed for scheduling and cost management.